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Joen: "I should have been the one to protect you...I should be strong like other earth ponies...but I'm not...I'm a pathetic excuse for a stallion..." he frowned sadly. "I'm so...sorry..." he whispered, starting to feel dizzy again.
Palette: She gently nudged him with her muzzle. "Joen you have to... I.. I'd do it myself but i can't move that well.."
Joen: He let out a painful grunt, looking back at the gunshot wound on his hind leg and reached back to it, holding his hind leg up and tried to lick the blood off himself, shutting his eyes tightly as he did so.
Palette: "You're going to get it infected like that.. She mumbled before forcing herself up, her body trembling ans swaying as she barely could keep her balance.
Joen: "No it's okay! I'll do it myself...even if it hurts so much," he cried, continuing to lick the wound until he couldn't hold his leg up anymore.
Palette: She looked down at him before walking into the bathroom, trying her best to keep her balance. it was hard for herto try and pick up the bandage but she somehow managed, carrying it in her mouth.
Joen: He panted slightly, lifting his head, ears pricked forward as he tried to see where Palette had gone to. "Palette! Palette don't strain yourself!"
Palette: She tried to say that she was fine through the bandages but failed, stumbling up to Joen, laying back down, dropping the bandages in front of him.
Joen: "Palette!" Joen tried to sit up, reaching towards her and nudging her cheek with his muzzle. With a pained groan he tried to stand, his legs trembling beneath him. "...can't...let that bastard defeat us," he grumbled.
Palette: She was breathing a bit heavily, her ears low as she tried to nuzzle him. It was all such a horrible scenario. Her body was hurting, and she couldn't move properly. her head was pounding, her ears ringing. "How..?"
Joen: "We'll find a way...w-we'll find a way...I-I promse.." he told her, trembling, feeling his heart pound inside of his chest. He nudged her lightly with his head. "Come have to get up, can rest in my bed...just...please.." he shut his eyes tightly, trying not to cry again. He was so scared, he had a huge urge to run into his room and hide under his bed, like he did all the time as a little colt whenever he was frightened.
Palette: "I.. I can't, I can lay here..." She smiled, closing her eyes. "I can rest here, I'll be fine.." She mumbled softly, her breathing slowing down as her ears lowered. She just had no energy.
Joen: His ears lowered and he let out a weak, barely audibly whinny. He stepped up to her, moving next to her before laying down, his body close beside hers, his tail trying to curl over her body, his neck reaching over hers to nuzzle the other side of her face. "...then I'l stay with you," he whispered to her.
Palette: She smiled, her eyes closed as she gently muzzled him, her legs curled up against her body, her ears kept low, mumbling 'i love you' softly, trying to stay awake.
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